Words over bullets

Words over bullets

Love vs hate

smile or a sneer

justice struggles with injustice

occupation or freedom

where do you stand

A poet stood

using words to protest

the murdering of human beings

while the killers get medals

So to shut her mouth

to terrorize others

into fear and submission

they locked her inside her home

within the only democracy

in the middle east

Ah fear

what gnawing

all consuming fear

does this nuclear armed monstorsity suffer

to trembe with such terror

at the words of a poet

pity poor israel

the 7th largest military on this planet

Come to the aid of israel

rally the UN

call to arab brothers

circle the wagons

let us gather all our resources

poor poor israel

is being assualted

by the words of poet warlord

Under such vicious attack

by a young woman

using poetry

as her fearsome weapon

nuclearamred words

cause such grevious harm

For dareen tatour

cares to tell the truth

she dares to put to pen

what is really going on

and that my friends

scares israel

above all

They scream…They scream

They scream…They scream

The victims


guilty of

being in the way

over there


from torn


bodies and souls

ethereal emancipation

graced by the exceptional


Splattered for miles





today and tomorrow

victims of

a pandemic

an insidious

neo-liberal plague


Can’t you hear them

the dead scream for you

they scream for veracity

they scream for justice

demanding by right

for their stories

to be told

to be remembered

not forgotten

millions upon millions


Within my skull

300 decibels

Cascading thunder

quaking lightening

echoing voices



to right these wrongs


They scream

they scream

with unconsummated passion

enraged by resolute conviction

white roses


a deluge

descending down

saturating everyone


Screaming for acknowledgment


screaming for truth

screaming for remembrance

screaming for recollection


Above it all

they scream

they scream

Not again

not again

not again


Deepening Darkness

Deepening Darkness
With the impending dawn
It did not lighten
Instead if improbable
to discern
the darkness
 did not
A darkness of a century
Flashes of lightning
ghostly muted shadows
spawning behind the clouds
 still darker
darker it yawned
Accumulating  residue
of a lingering hate
terror in the trenches
seeped into the marrow
resentments seeding conspiracies
perpetual vendettas
Sociopathic rage overflow
From a century into millennium
Hope flickered faithfully fearfully
But old habits die hard
darkness widens
from generation to generation
passing  the odious baton
crime strewn path
mutated m/o
The warrior mentality
Stoked and manipulated
Gun in bloody hand
Under a polluted flag
bombing innocent lands
gangsta’s of capitalism

My side is right
Yours is wrong
What crimes I commit
are absolved and blessed
Yours are never forgiven nor forgotten
so no one learns
but a damned thing
The darkness stays
This unwelcome guest
refusing to leave
Because the ism’s we embrace
Cling to our hearts like epoxy

Support the troops
but your not allowed
to ask
what they really do
or even worse
to see

Christmas charde 2015
mass killings
a hospital
center for the disabled
calls for more bombing

Kill kill kill
war war war
like more evil
will not beget
just more evil

spreads the darkness
Descending hate
wrath and fury
self righteous swagger
Utter disdain
for the suffering
beyond the clique
spiraling violence
evil feeding evil
violence breeding violence
The tipping point
 in paris
marketed and manipulated
by politics via the msm
for nefarious interests
very one-sided
of course
Yemen and beirut
swept under the rug
marketed for patriotic propaganda
a young species dissolving
easter island
a global

a gloaming
that will not break



Walking down the road

Black with black

Pops a black and white

Yells get the f** to the sidewalk


2 minutes later

Just another black kid dead

Middle of road

8 bleeding holes


For hours he lay there

While the cops white washed the scene

The blue wall went up

The brooms came out

Case closed




Ferguson Missouri

What is this La?


The killer disappeared for nearly a week

Hide cop hide cop

Run cop run cop

If what he did was right

Why did he go run and hide


Listen to the spokesman

Reading from a sript

It was not a homicide

It was justified

Mike was just another black kid

Must have been high

Running from doing a crime

Move along move along nothing to see here


But this time

Something is different

Out into the streets

Waking up

Standing up


Another black kid

Murdered In the streets

By a white cop


More and more came

Authorities freaked out

 brought in the military

Tanks-guns-artillery even F-16’s

Sound gernades and screaming feedback

Tear gas and a rubber bullet for a priest


Go home go home

We got you in our sights

We’ll bust you up

Beat you  down

Curfew declared get the hell home


But this aint Fallujah

This isn’t atitica

This aint Birmingham

This sure aint Mississippi


We are sick

Sick to death

Same shit going on

Somewhere in the usa

 Just another Black kid gunned down


not this time

not this time

we aint going

we aint going

to the back of the bus


no more

no more

Michael brown

Muichale brown

Mchael brown

Hands up don’t shoot

Hands up don’t shoot

We aint going to the back of the bus

Not this time

No more

I love)Pepe the Camie


I live in the land of the enemy 
undercover, on the sly, biding my time
for that one day one spark lights the tormenter afire
a turn around that could and should roll global

All hail great pepe the camien
yet pepe doesn’t have paws with claws
he has octopus tentacles that grow and grow
pepe is hungry never sated never satisfied

I’ve been swallowed whole since I was just a toddler
but I was not digested instead I grew I grew
deep in the belly of the beast
Inside out I rip and tear every day until we all get free

I occupy stab and poke
From the inside out 
 I have chosen my battle field
I am che but on the inside working out

I have met many others in here   repressed and   suffering 
Exploited masses swelling  our numbers bloated 
Until this mass will someday one day burst forth
And split open pepe from the inside out

I am a guerrilla
 I am a peasant
We are the oppressed
We are revolution




For those who tramp along with the pack to tear up some defenseless deer

What courage does it take for that?

To pick up a gun as an amoral hired killer to shoot/terrorize anyone when ordered does that define a patriot?

To join a mob of howling testosterone filled kids to shred and tear from limb to limb innocents far from your home

Is that what we support, amoral unthinking ‘team players’ who do whatever the coach commands?


Ah but a culture trained since birth to place nation above all as it worships faultless militarism like a sparta

To obediently and submissively do what is told without question or to think critically is a ‘good citizen’?

To jump when called to kneel when commanded to join when peer pressured without dissent is free-will?

Is not one who is n free nor independent but a caged indentured servant, just another cog in the machine?


For who is the real traitor?  One who stands up to cherished principles above the cackling mindless mob?

Or the coward who bends to mass-manipulation and does what is known to be odious like goyim in a herd?

The true test of character and integrity is the person who dares to stand up for the beliefs that are incorruptible

The real hero is the person who has the courage to understand that fear is not accepting the majority but siding with the minority when the majority is supporting iniquity


Are you one who dreams of standing and shouting while those who sit meek and silent when a flag is flown over odium?

While you seethe and simmer in justified rage because you know better but do you wither for safety reasons

But do you wait for someone to lead a revolt, some Gandhi or mlk to lead the way and take the heat

Or could you would you on your own jump up and call this a charade a farce a lie and you refuse anymore to submit breaking free from your shackles of collaboration


Extract yourself from the warm embrace of war comradeship

Denounce the fairytale that war is noble or necessary or can be a ‘good’ thing

It is the most base of social iniquities and one must condemn this evil

This moral stance that one must take as a free person is the highest form of patriotism

As you face down the community, your family, your peers, fellow workers and stand up to war Image