a pale blue dot

A pale blue dot


Do I matter?

What purpose do I serve?

Why was I put here or was it preordained millenniums ago coded in gnome?


Without memory, I crash-landed here in this space/time

Without knowing where I go when I leave if I will even be again, I know not

And the phase in-between just a fleeting whisper of an iota-moment alone, afraid, hungry, for love


What the hell am I inside this biological robot as I sit here behind the eyes within?

Do i platitude quotes and slogans atop the shoulder of previous giants

These echoing  voices  seemingly layers inside my dna?


We are, each of us

A myriad, a universe of trillions of bits of matter convalescing

Electrical and chemical micro filament’s convoluting…


a bionetwork of an ecosystem consisting of 3000 species

To learn that the I is simply a conflicting collection of we

This symbiosis is a collection of us called family


This family is a clan, a tribe, society, a nation

And how far can we go?

We are neither so wise nor important

We have not earned vanity nor ownership or a reflective image of Zeus

You and I yet as any speck atom or quark

 Are integral-connected-part of a wholeness


 We cannot reach nor grasp…is it beyond…

Every direction is perpetuity

Within and without….and that is most humblingImage

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