Walking down the road

Black with black

Pops a black and white

Yells get the f** to the sidewalk


2 minutes later

Just another black kid dead

Middle of road

8 bleeding holes


For hours he lay there

While the cops white washed the scene

The blue wall went up

The brooms came out

Case closed




Ferguson Missouri

What is this La?


The killer disappeared for nearly a week

Hide cop hide cop

Run cop run cop

If what he did was right

Why did he go run and hide


Listen to the spokesman

Reading from a sript

It was not a homicide

It was justified

Mike was just another black kid

Must have been high

Running from doing a crime

Move along move along nothing to see here


But this time

Something is different

Out into the streets

Waking up

Standing up


Another black kid

Murdered In the streets

By a white cop


More and more came

Authorities freaked out

 brought in the military

Tanks-guns-artillery even F-16’s

Sound gernades and screaming feedback

Tear gas and a rubber bullet for a priest


Go home go home

We got you in our sights

We’ll bust you up

Beat you  down

Curfew declared get the hell home


But this aint Fallujah

This isn’t atitica

This aint Birmingham

This sure aint Mississippi


We are sick

Sick to death

Same shit going on

Somewhere in the usa

 Just another Black kid gunned down


not this time

not this time

we aint going

we aint going

to the back of the bus


no more

no more

Michael brown

Muichale brown

Mchael brown

Hands up don’t shoot

Hands up don’t shoot

We aint going to the back of the bus

Not this time

No more


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