I love)Pepe the Camie


I live in the land of the enemy 
undercover, on the sly, biding my time
for that one day one spark lights the tormenter afire
a turn around that could and should roll global

All hail great pepe the camien
yet pepe doesn’t have paws with claws
he has octopus tentacles that grow and grow
pepe is hungry never sated never satisfied

I’ve been swallowed whole since I was just a toddler
but I was not digested instead I grew I grew
deep in the belly of the beast
Inside out I rip and tear every day until we all get free

I occupy stab and poke
From the inside out 
 I have chosen my battle field
I am che but on the inside working out

I have met many others in here   repressed and   suffering 
Exploited masses swelling  our numbers bloated 
Until this mass will someday one day burst forth
And split open pepe from the inside out

I am a guerrilla
 I am a peasant
We are the oppressed
We are revolution