Words over bullets

Words over bullets

Love vs hate

smile or a sneer

justice struggles with injustice

occupation or freedom

where do you stand

A poet stood

using words to protest

the murdering of human beings

while the killers get medals

So to shut her mouth

to terrorize others

into fear and submission

they locked her inside her home

within the only democracy

in the middle east

Ah fear

what gnawing

all consuming fear

does this nuclear armed monstorsity suffer

to trembe with such terror

at the words of a poet

pity poor israel

the 7th largest military on this planet

Come to the aid of israel

rally the UN

call to arab brothers

circle the wagons

let us gather all our resources

poor poor israel

is being assualted

by the words of poet warlord

Under such vicious attack

by a young woman

using poetry

as her fearsome weapon

nuclearamred words

cause such grevious harm

For dareen tatour

cares to tell the truth

she dares to put to pen

what is really going on

and that my friends

scares israel

above all


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