Images of american war crimes

Images of american war crimes

This was done with your support with your taxes by your¬†complicity¬†and it is most nefarious…What are going to do about it?




How far does your compassion roam
Does it stop at your front door
or does it travel to the city limits or more
Tell me please how far does your circle of love go?

I know that you have family and that is good and well
but what is family but an extension of yourself simply reflecting what you selfishly love?
Do you love with empathy across your states boundary do you halt at a illusory national border?
Is that the border of your nepotism?

In a society with 300 million guns
that has been at war every day of its existence
a society that worships its military and holds it military beyond reproach, above the law
how could you be surprised, shocked, or appalled when children are slaughtered?

You cry and wail with great compassion for the children and parents from Newton
but you don’t even gat an eye when read in the news your military just did the same thing
slaughtering kids who were tending sheep, droning funerals and murdering medics and first responders
but since they are not american it just doesn’t ring a bell in our conscience and that appalls me to my soul

Every week your military is killing kidnapping, imprisoning, torturing or killing children overseas
Everyday at public schools where your kids are trained to ‘Dare to Resist Violence’
They are indoctrinated to worship the military and to absolve them of the rules of law edification principles
Everyday your troops are in other countries destroying, killing and occupying and it is most nefarious

How many hundreds have you killed?
How many thousands have you slaughtered?
How many millions are the victims of your overseas deeds of terrorism and aggression?
How coulsd you not know and if you know why if you have conscience you say nothing?

This nation is a fascist empire stolen by violence inflicted upon the indigenousness by ethnic genocide
You’ve exported your terror to horrify and decimate for national interests and your mammonic way of life
Every day i ponder, i wrack my brain how to show you the smoke of iniquity you generate all over the world
And i am so inept that instead of agreeing, i am called a traitor, a nut, a fool for advocating justice, equality, accountability, responsibility, altruism, ahimsa, empathy and nonviolenceImage