For those who tramp along with the pack to tear up some defenseless deer

What courage does it take for that?

To pick up a gun as an amoral hired killer to shoot/terrorize anyone when ordered does that define a patriot?

To join a mob of howling testosterone filled kids to shred and tear from limb to limb innocents far from your home

Is that what we support, amoral unthinking ‘team players’ who do whatever the coach commands?


Ah but a culture trained since birth to place nation above all as it worships faultless militarism like a sparta

To obediently and submissively do what is told without question or to think critically is a ‘good citizen’?

To jump when called to kneel when commanded to join when peer pressured without dissent is free-will?

Is not one who is n free nor independent but a caged indentured servant, just another cog in the machine?


For who is the real traitor?  One who stands up to cherished principles above the cackling mindless mob?

Or the coward who bends to mass-manipulation and does what is known to be odious like goyim in a herd?

The true test of character and integrity is the person who dares to stand up for the beliefs that are incorruptible

The real hero is the person who has the courage to understand that fear is not accepting the majority but siding with the minority when the majority is supporting iniquity


Are you one who dreams of standing and shouting while those who sit meek and silent when a flag is flown over odium?

While you seethe and simmer in justified rage because you know better but do you wither for safety reasons

But do you wait for someone to lead a revolt, some Gandhi or mlk to lead the way and take the heat

Or could you would you on your own jump up and call this a charade a farce a lie and you refuse anymore to submit breaking free from your shackles of collaboration


Extract yourself from the warm embrace of war comradeship

Denounce the fairytale that war is noble or necessary or can be a ‘good’ thing

It is the most base of social iniquities and one must condemn this evil

This moral stance that one must take as a free person is the highest form of patriotism

As you face down the community, your family, your peers, fellow workers and stand up to war Image




Each of us at this juncture inside this holographic dream then and now

One by one from the beginning of pond scum, panspermia and far beyond

Alone here by a path self-made by every step trod

Walk in darkness, tell me what you see?


We tip-toe upon the shoulders of giants

Just another insignificant flea

Gazing over the mysterious panorama

What now do you believe?


We stroll together, yet alone in our gloom

Billions upon billions blind but to a dime

Sprites flash as angels far above us

As we reach to grasp the fading afterglow of ethereal lucidity


We speak to each other across a gulf within this great obscurity of self

To find comfort and belonging outside another impenetrable shell

From the fear of an inevitable demise that is our greatest mystery

So we pine for our heroes of yesterday in myopic nostalgic melancholy




The bracing bite of a squall assails one and all

So we clothe ourselves in the skins of ancestral apparitions and the revered

Frost-bitten beaten red and black we trudge on through the howling wail of voices we almost discern

Still& silent transfixed huddled by the fire the young the old we stare into the embers begging for the voice of fallen kin …whispering


Heroes of lore like che- schweitzer-mlk-rachel corrie-victor jara –manning-snowden millions more

Garner deeds and voices echo in cadence rattling our conscience as we lay laurels at their memories

Resonance pulsates along spider web connections sparking inspiration

Rise up and take their place or shuffle away in shame


We are simply after-born

The latest layer of copies diluted and filtered from a flawless jolt

Do we bow before adam and eve

The launch of this mythological hokum


Ah, but to do the family name proud

To gather at holidays to argue and show off

Reflections of a mirrored-self but merely delusional illusion

Are you simply in love with yourself or do you distain such pretentious superficiality?


As faint copies of billions what is left?

The accumulated sum or aging process to extinction

We are 6 of 100 and do we continue after this

Is history a dusty forgotten page to be discarded or embedded forever by strings?


Is our untouched unhallowed fallowed future

Back to the immersing swirling broth

As we age as a species down accumulative flaws and errors

Till we dead end at extinction like everyone else


Not just the accumulation of layered greatness laid down by our idols?
we pine for yesterday and our ghostly champions  in our guilt of our shame and regret

As we clothe ourselves in their skins

As we tread where they’ve have been through their eyes we attempt to see



As we become faint dissolving copies translucent fading decaying

While an event horizon is just up ahead

Is our destiny a transfixed date with a technological or evolutionary singularity?


We reach for the stars stretching our grasp

Stuck in mire we war upon ourselves

We can perceive even the strings of the micro

But can’t see the equality if every human being


We scream for personal justice and freedom

While inflict injustice on our neighbor to steal

As we allow ourselves to be imprisoned under lock and key

We bow before a constitution while we shred it to pieces


We marvel at our self-serving magnificence

While we pray to mythological maker for more more more

Driven by an addiction of nefarious desire

This collective evil of simple selfishness


a pale blue dot

A pale blue dot


Do I matter?

What purpose do I serve?

Why was I put here or was it preordained millenniums ago coded in gnome?


Without memory, I crash-landed here in this space/time

Without knowing where I go when I leave if I will even be again, I know not

And the phase in-between just a fleeting whisper of an iota-moment alone, afraid, hungry, for love


What the hell am I inside this biological robot as I sit here behind the eyes within?

Do i platitude quotes and slogans atop the shoulder of previous giants

These echoing  voices  seemingly layers inside my dna?


We are, each of us

A myriad, a universe of trillions of bits of matter convalescing

Electrical and chemical micro filament’s convoluting…


a bionetwork of an ecosystem consisting of 3000 species

To learn that the I is simply a conflicting collection of we

This symbiosis is a collection of us called family


This family is a clan, a tribe, society, a nation

And how far can we go?

We are neither so wise nor important

We have not earned vanity nor ownership or a reflective image of Zeus

You and I yet as any speck atom or quark

 Are integral-connected-part of a wholeness


 We cannot reach nor grasp…is it beyond…

Every direction is perpetuity

Within and without….and that is most humblingImage

to drone or no to drone

To drone

or not to drone

is that not the question for all of us?


Whether it is nobler in heart and mind to show love and  give mercy

or to do what is one is told and murder the innocent without a backward glance of conscience

Ahh for who to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous violent exportation?

Is it the safe and secure american behind the impenetrable walls of two great oceans


is it the blue pill taken on a daily basis with brainwashing 24/7 to keep one oblivious to suffering we cause?

bu a complaint,embedded MSN and nefarious government in cahoots with the arms industry for profit

to come to a revolving door for a sweet cushy executive positions at retirement?

ah Horatio what is thy bidding from thine lucidity of foresight

or is it the hindsight of repetitious insanity always circular and never linear?

to lie to steal to deceive God and country simply for the sake of inflated profit?

what kingdom would one give up for the simple fresh taste of truth on the wind?

yet to know that so many crimes are committed by terrorism from above to hector and bully

when bugsplat is a word used for human beings and still no outrage

as pieces of a child lie scattered on the ground

and with fanfare a general will come to town with sheep to slaughter and beg for forgiveness with great fanfare

and then next week the same crime is done a few towns down and this time a condolence payment is the bribe

what sayeth you and you for us and then when you hear of such horror and odium?

Do we send cookies and sweets to the troopers?

Do we groom our kids at the parades,singing pledges of obedience and acquiesce generation after generation

Do we pray for the dismemberment of our invented enemies in the name of God and Jesus most high and loving?

Does not one simply wake up and vie with these monsters for the sake of probity…for this i deem so

As i run screaming into the night with my soul twisted into an untyable knot

as my heart slashed into a thousand pieces by the screams

by the horror filled eyes of the victims who haunt my conscience

with a adhesion i will never can never escape from me

for when i do leave this place

my first action is to throw up a million years of iniquity….

And then beg for a million times more

that i never am required to return…Image