For those who tramp along with the pack to tear up some defenseless deer

What courage does it take for that?

To pick up a gun as an amoral hired killer to shoot/terrorize anyone when ordered does that define a patriot?

To join a mob of howling testosterone filled kids to shred and tear from limb to limb innocents far from your home

Is that what we support, amoral unthinking ‘team players’ who do whatever the coach commands?


Ah but a culture trained since birth to place nation above all as it worships faultless militarism like a sparta

To obediently and submissively do what is told without question or to think critically is a ‘good citizen’?

To jump when called to kneel when commanded to join when peer pressured without dissent is free-will?

Is not one who is n free nor independent but a caged indentured servant, just another cog in the machine?


For who is the real traitor?  One who stands up to cherished principles above the cackling mindless mob?

Or the coward who bends to mass-manipulation and does what is known to be odious like goyim in a herd?

The true test of character and integrity is the person who dares to stand up for the beliefs that are incorruptible

The real hero is the person who has the courage to understand that fear is not accepting the majority but siding with the minority when the majority is supporting iniquity


Are you one who dreams of standing and shouting while those who sit meek and silent when a flag is flown over odium?

While you seethe and simmer in justified rage because you know better but do you wither for safety reasons

But do you wait for someone to lead a revolt, some Gandhi or mlk to lead the way and take the heat

Or could you would you on your own jump up and call this a charade a farce a lie and you refuse anymore to submit breaking free from your shackles of collaboration


Extract yourself from the warm embrace of war comradeship

Denounce the fairytale that war is noble or necessary or can be a ‘good’ thing

It is the most base of social iniquities and one must condemn this evil

This moral stance that one must take as a free person is the highest form of patriotism

As you face down the community, your family, your peers, fellow workers and stand up to war Image


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