vision of humanity


Someday I see a time when all of this planet becomes one nation
A species living in harmony by symbiosis
A race no longer at war with itself
The community of humanity united by their love not separated by their hate

I no longer see the extremes of rich and poor
The inequity of the have and have not’s
When a population is no longer consumed by its hedonic pursuits
Its fidelity and allegiance is to humanism and compassion, tolerance and unselfishness

A vision of humanity
By which today you say I am just a wide-eyed dreamer and unrealistic
But I state unequivocally that this day is nigh and coming bright as a mid afternoons sun
Though you may not perceive it since it is your reality that is a temporal allusion

At what time humanity discovers its humanity
Is no longer a mass of locust consuming blindly into obesity
When we clean up our mess
Return this place back into the garden that it once was

This day is irrefutable because it is inevitable
Faith is the strength but foresight is lucid as chi
For are we destined for goodness not evil
Are we not scattered seeds of an immeasurable maker?

Within each and everyone of us
You deem judged the most vile to the most divine
We are all destined to walk the same path
And that path is back to the source of the infinite cloud
To the Dao, maker of light

And what amazes me by far
Is this future so few embrace
At the tips of their fingers and they feel it not
In front of their faces and still they see it not
But I know its there just as surly as you are here and I am not
It is you, understand?


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