to drone or not to drone…

To drone
or not to drone
is that not the question for all of us?

Whether it is nobler in heart and mind to show love and give mercy
or to do what is one is told and murder the innocent without a backward glance of conscience
Ahh for who to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous violent exportation?
Is it the safe and secure american behind the impenetrable walls of two great oceans

is it the blue pill taken on a daily basis with brainwashing 24/7 to keep one oblivious to suffering we cause?
bu a complaint,embedded MSN and nefarious government in cahoots with the arms industry for profit
to come to a revolving door for a sweet cushy executive positions at retirement?
ah Horatio what is thy bidding from thine lucidity of foresight
or is it the hindsight of repetitious insanity always circular and never linear?
to lie to steal to deceive God and country simply for the sake of inflated profit?
what kingdom would one give up for the simple fresh taste of truth on the wind?
yet to know that so many crimes are committed by terrorism from above to hector and bully
when bugsplat is a word used for human beings and still no outrage
as pieces of a child lie scattered on the ground
and with fanfare a general will come to town with sheep to slaughter and beg for forgiveness with great fanfare
and then next week the same crime is done a few towns down and this time a condolence payment is the bribe
what sayeth you and you for us and then when you hear of such horror and odium?
Do we send cookies and sweets to the troopers?
Do we groom our kids at the parades,singing pledges of obedience and acquiesce generation after generation
Do we pray for the dismemberment of our invented enemies in the name of God and Jesus most high and loving?
Does not one simply wake up and vie with these monsters for the sake of probity…for this i deem so
As i run screaming into the night with my soul twisted into an untyable knot
as my heart slashed into a thousand pieces by the screams
by the horror filled eyes of the victims who haunt my conscience
with a adhesion i will never can never escape from me
for when i do leave this place
my first action is to throw up a million years of iniquity….
And then beg for a million times more
that i never am required to return…Image

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