The Lantern of Guantanamo


From scarp pieces of cardboard
from refuge of discarded paper with a used water bottle
from the phoenix of a great horrible crime committed by the ‘good guys’
something made by blood, sweat tears fear and yet courage

A lantern of freedom and light
peace and hope from hearts worn and torn from torture
remember the iniquity done to these human beings just outside your shores within your laws?
pray that they may be released like it was promised years ago

Our great leaders who hide behind a polluted flag
know that their release who bring out a light to the dark crimes at Guantanamo
ah Guantanamo such a lovely place with warm beaches under the Caribbean sun

What would you do if you were falsely imprisoned
you are in prisons for 11 years without charges
yet you are legally allowed to go free
but they wont let because they cant find the money to realses you

Out of sight out mind
is how the government wants you to believe
and the media goes along for the ride since they’re on the same page
back to the fluff and ameircan idol.. worship…support duh troops

Let its light fill up your heart
allow the light to warm and bring you peace
then stand up and call your reps
Let us finally do the right thing and let the prisoners go home….

principled rejection of eleven years of indefinite detention without charge and abusive conditions of confinement,”

This hunger strike, like the many before it, was triggered by an arbitrary crackdown by the Guantanamo prison administration and is driven by the existential torment indefinite detention produces.”

current hunger strike has steadily increased in recent weeks and, according to the Pentagon, now includes more than 30 of Guantanamo’s 166 prisoners, half of whom have been cleared for release or transfer.
Farah disputes the official numbers of hunger strikers. He said he has spoken to prisoners who told him “all but two [of about 130] prisoners in [communal] Camp 6 are participating in the strike.”
“Those two are old and have medical problems,” Farah said.

Prisoners who refuse nine consecutive meals are classified as hunger strikers. Eleven are presently being force-fed by Guantanamo medical personnel, through a procedure that has been described as torture

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