The Kingdom Of Heaven



The kingdom of G_D resides within your heart

It comprises the good deeds you do and are then silent about

The kingdom of heaven is mercy and justice and compassion

It is the underlying theme of the highest principle of our edification; unconditional love for everything


The kingdom of heaven is a seed of light within that only you can bring forth to birth

For it is how you follow truth as you walk the path of the golden rule

It is when you eschew anger in the face of rage

It is how you reject materialism and self-indulgence, as one instead embraces self-sacrifice


The kingdom of heaven is boundless borderless yet encased in grace

No one is chosen nor kept out since one and all are welcome without bias or favoritism

For this kingdom has neither gates nor doors nor walls no admission fee

It is accessed by the waking of your soul


You then walk free into the kingdom of G_D

If you break the bonds of the imprisoned

If you speak out with the voiceless, strive alongside the oppressed and suffer beside the victimized

When you witness and testify with nonviolent noncooperation those who argue with the sword


As you love thy enemy to be more than just a friend, to be your brother

When you advocate for the neglected and abused

As you love one another beyond just your illusory blood-ties

You are within the heart of heaven


As you own nothing but the borrowed breath of your lungs

As you take no more than the need

As your desires dissipate into nothingness

You are living in the kingdom of heaven


When you transform a tear into laughter

When you resolve a quarrel with reason nourished by empathy

When you resist not evil by not feeding it

You exist in the kingdom of heaven


When you’re taught to see by the blind

As you listen for the deaf

Where you walk alongside the lame

When you learn from the innocent


That true happiness is never found in the pursuit of  mammonism

It is rather the choice of action to an exemplary purpose & commitment to an altruistic cause

This fidelity becomes the caliper of your faith, which is the measure of your worth

You there upon become the kingdom of G_D…within/without-whole


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