swords into plowshares


i am not worthy to be Christian,Buddhist,Muslim nor Hindu or Jew
but i aspire to be such of all of them in all that i do
i am black,white,red,brown,and everything in between
i am warrior,peacemaker fool wise-man from who knows when

my feet are mired in the slime yet i reach farther than my grasp to the stars and to the end of my navel
i eschew mammonism as i overindulge yet i aspire i aspire
my love knows no bounds but i despise my own
i am man,woman and child yet older than dust young as today

i strive for peace as i war upon humanity
i feed the hungry and house the homeless
as i spend the future for the weapons of terrorism today by default
i am humanity such a paradoxical fool

i snub my neighbor as i lust after his wife
i sacrifice to a maker as i foul this nest
i mourn for the wrong i did yesterday
as i conspire for more for today

i am new,the latest still here and now it might be soon be over
for i talked the talk with eloquence and such bravado and pride
but my actions were insidious,odious and self-serving
still here i am at the cusp of the abyss..teetering

I listen to the voice but the light is blinding
So I shun it as much as possible

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