Now what do WE THE PEOPLE do?


Of all that we were taught by every value we thought
the promised dream sought within dumbed down public schools as unquestioned creeds & truths
we’ve now learned that every principle we’ve pledged to was misused by those we trusted & looked up to
since your government will & does lie through it’s teeth to keep you deceived & duped

If WE THE PEOPLE really rule if the supreme law of the land is truly the constitution
how then can our unalienable civil rights & freedoms be shredded by secret courts of a thousand cuts?
if our liberty is circumvented by a stasi surveillance militarized police state controlled by a plutocracy?
hidden from scrutiny & debate, decisions made by secret court decree by selected unelected unknowns

How can we be free if we are shackled inside of shrinking cages under absolute surveillance 24/7?
how can we be brave if we’re afraid of freedom fighters combating us for their autonomy 6000 miles away
defending homes from terror & occupation as we survey their natural resources for our national interests
we blast weddings schools & shepherds which are not deeds of the exceptional but of infamy & dishonor

When whistleblowers with selfless integrity & fortitude are tossed into prisons for being true patriots
as those who dare speak up against criminal activity are ostracized & revivified banished & jailed
while the criminals who are murderers liars and puppets are free millionaires with public pensions
those who have violated their oaths & acted as stasi & an inquisition are liberated pensioned & pardoned

Haven’t you noticed our collective patriotic quick slippery slide into an abysmal demise since 1945?
haven’t you’ve felt the house crumbling down among us all with a divided resigned sigh & groan?
as the reality of struggle repression stress anxiety bills & taxes breaks your spirit like dry chicken bones
witness cops on steroids militarized menacing demanding ID & blood siphoned strapped to a gurney

We let our employees scurry after fat cats via revolving doors as they avoid their taxes by fleeing overseas
we sit by astride our spreading fortified GMO asses while they rob weak old poor and hungry
a war they declare on all those who refuse to succumb and will no bow nor grovel them in passivity
the propaganda machine on ovverdrive in every nook and cranny

We pay for killing our own citizens without due process abroad & blame it on those we bribe or on the dad
we murder children tending sheep & two-tag them future terrorists as we lie to ourselves about the deeds
we slaughter medics & first responders then clap & cheer at the ‘bugsplat’ waving a flag over the carnage
weddings and funerals are fair game for the exceptional eagle on the hill while at home we idol worship

A war on terror was proclaimed in reaction to backblow so we’re all ordered to go shopping at the mall
the wolfritz doctrine now emplaced & funded with a blank check as foreign policy run amok
spending our kids invested future on weapons we don’t need -the war was/is/will be faux pax on all of us
to consume a planet under control of a small hidden group who are the false status quo

How can we be the good guys if we are xenophobic psychopathic global serial killers.
how can we believe in equality if we anoint ourselves better than everyone standing on the soapbox hill?
born as a bloated nefarious empire of hubris spread out like a plague of locust to
who is above anyone when we are all equal and that truth is unalienable

Now the talons are turned inward we’re hypnotized by the death of democracy by Orwelian interpretation
our articulate golden boy has shed his skin at last to manifest as an articulate Frankenstein on steroids
diluted democracy was a trained pet run by a oligarchy that is draped in the flag but still a plutocracy
to see the truth of this nation look within its prisons talk to its working class its poor & to her neighbors

Uncle sam is a lawless psychopathic wayne gacey killing jailing terrorizing any who dare to dissent
the united stasi of mordor is now sparta and no one can stop her but her untenable debt or backblow
and WE THE PEOPLE are frogs on a slow boil isolated on Easter island in the making
spoon-fed bait & superficial flattery brainwashed that we’re #1 by xenophobic hubris construct

we’re swayed by false flags FBI crafted terrorists to fool the proletariat into submission & blind obedience
freedom is not artificially induced contentment as a docile sociopathic secured herd of Eloi …..
safety is not a cage as elected employee with lock & key defining semantics & interpretation of the law
democracy is not a secret oligarchy as owners of the plutocracy increasing repressive laws exponentially

So what do WE THE PEOPLE do as brainwashed devolved dissolute narcissist mammonists?
do we kneel bow & bleat our obedient submissive oath to a polluted flag & to perverted principles?
do we continue to morph into sheeple & goyim as we wither under the drone of a dumbing down?
or do we finally rise with torches feathers & tar charge the white house, congress supreme court & DC

Do WE THE PEOPLE once and for all take back what is rightfully ours & institute new government?
Gather all the men women and children as we walk to the prisons, jails and all places of incarceration
we then march to the courts, chamber of commerce, wall street, every bank
we swell our numbers as we swarm on DC singing, laughing, chanting, holding signs but not one gun
we surround the pentagon white house congress and the justice department with a hundred million strong

As the exceptional city on the hill beams its hubristic radiance down upon every neighbor as judge jury & executioner
when finally that faultless light shines on the mirror & reflects upon the greatest terrorizing monster of them all
shouldn’t destiny be manifest to eradicate that horror
with the same zeal & discretion with discerning broad brush stroke it does everyone else?

sit down & watch children as you munch your popcorn outside the gates of roma
see the monster consume itself from the inside out morphing into easter island
clap and cheer as this nightmare disappears beyond the rubican
dribbling down the cesspool pipes of bad history

as residue of a dirty toxic stain flushed down the can
as the memories of millions terrorized and murdered
return to stand in front of each american
eye to eye to ask in humble sincerity and wonder
why did you murder me?

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