gangs of terrorists but they carry pretty flags marching…

The us military-just another gang of exported terrorists
bigger more powerful and by some aspects
more nefarious because it masks iyself and pretends to wear that white hat
but is no different than the kgb, stasi,mossad, savek,fbi or stasi

how is it
why is it
that for near a hundred years now –
the us military has only fought women children raining terrorism on cities and towns

with their missiles and bombs air planes and guns
they never fight navy vs navy army vs army air force vs air force-

with all your might and power you took on vietnam
your b-52s and the war crime of agent orange against human resolve
your tanks, machine-guns and billion-dollar carriers
against bicycles, rice and punji sticks
and they kicked your ass from start to finish
because they fought for a cause while you terrorized for a false flag
what have you’ve learned since those days of psychopathic imperialism?
now its always high flying bombers, drones, special sneaky black-ops on the ground
against schools and hospitals, crops and infrastructure
your brave amoral hired guns calling in strikes on people fighting for their country
and after 12 years they’re winning and you lost again…dumbasses
because you use the same methods expecting different results and you never do
such courage to murder 8000 miles away by joystick snickering with maniacal giggle butchery as bugsplat
sheep-herders first-responders, medics, all are labeled as militants, terrorists just for being there
mourners at funerals and pregnant women at wedding parties all are legitimate targets because we say so
is this fighting for democracy by murdering other people in lands you have no right to be?
by order of your oligarchy the plutocracy masquerading as democracy
you are there because they have natural resources that you anoint as your vital national interests
your nothing but terrorizing thieves like you were/still are to the indians
As you bust into villages like nazi thugs in the middle of the night
their quarry is usually a freedom fighter do dares not to be bribed or bullied by the us gov
bin laden is gone so what is your bs excuse to stay?
Go home Port your troops fight for democracy in DCImage

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