Is This Really Christmas?

For a query i muImagest present near this holy time of Christmas

To drone
or not to drone
is that not the question for all of us?

Whether it is nobler in heart and mind to show love and to give mercy
or to unthinkingly do what is one is told and murder the innocent without a backward glance of conscience
Ahh for who to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous violent criminality
or to export drones to create a sea of troubles as a false flag labeled as patriotic?

Is truth safe and secure exclusively american behind the impenetrable walls of two great oceans?
is it the blue pill taken on a daily basis with brainwashing 24/7 to keep one oblivious to the mountainous suffering we cause?
but a embedded MSN and nefarious government in cahoots with the arms industry
ensures that whitewashing is bleached upon our shores rarely to prick a nerve

ah Horatio what is thy bidding from thine lucidity of foresight
or is it that hindsight of repetitious insanity always circular and never linear?
to lie to steal to deceive to God and country simply for the sake of inflated profit?
what kingdom would one give up for the simple fresh taste of truth on the wind?

yet to know that so many crimes are committed by terrorism from above to hector and bully
when ‘bugsplat’ is a word used for splattered human beings still no outrage no tears no empathy
as wet mangled pieces of a child lie scattered on the ground and no one is held liable
and from this breeding ground of iniquity will a vengeful crop be reaped upon your children

What sayeth you and yours when you hear of such horror and odium paid by your betrayal of probity?
Do we send cookies and sweets to the troopers for their exploits of manifest anglo-destiny incarnate?
Do we groom our kids at the parades,singing pledges of obedience and acquiesce generation after generation
Do we pray for the dismemberment of our invented enemies in the name of God and Jesus most high and loving?

Does not one simply wake up and vie with these monsters for the sake of morality for this i deem so
and who is with me as i stand up and shout my disgust at abomination
where are the protests that should be filling our streets to overcapacity
no, those fine christian folk are at military parades or on their knees at church praying for victory by annihilation of the ‘enemy’

As i run screaming into the night with my soul twisted into an unloosen-able knot
as my heart slashed into a thousand pieces by the screams
by the traumatized filled eyes of the victims who haunt my conscience
with a adhesion i will never cannot ever escape from

for when i do leave this place and i pray soon
my first action is to throw up a million years of atrocity….
And then beg for a million times
that i never am required to return…


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