We were taught to be ‘critical thinkers’, to question,to analyse and evaluate everyone and everything. To be chess players..My kids are now taught to be checker players, not to question but to pledge blind unthinking obedience 5 days a week as brainwashing. My kids within the american public school system are taught that the hard hand of punishment will come down hard on them if they deviate from the schools policy of “Zero Tolerance to Violence”. While they send cookies and love letters to war ho’s,gangsters of capitalism, to hired guns sent all over the world to commit the very violence and terrorism they are taught to eschew. 

        My kids are now expected, no ordered to salute a flag that flies and represents  over  the greatest purveyor of violence and the largest exporter of terrorism in the world today.  My kids are taught to be ‘team players’ as dumbed-downed training to never question the government, its use of troops, its ideals,values no matter how Orwellian they are spun and twisted.  They are taught to be members of a sports team where they told what to do, how to do it,when to do it and for the coach to make all decisions and to be obeyed without question or dissent…

       They are taught to live inside of a bubble of ‘cognitive dissonance’ and to live within the walls of patriotism,hubris and xenophobia as their creed, outlook and passion….Forever and then to teach their kids the same when they grow up and have kids…Or else…You’ll be outcasts,ostracized from the group if you do not…

      The horror of being outside the group is taught as the most severe punishment and failure…We are losing folks…The plutocracy is winning…But we can overcome….We will overcome this odious conditioning to become not a free nation of free people but an empire of Spartans…Image


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