march march march on…on…on



What a splendid patriotic parade as we waved to the troops marching to fight for freedom & Wal-Mart
what a lovely cavalcade of singing christian children & the band, ah, the military band was on fire
speeches cascaded from the politicians with inspiration &motivation as the army advances while the rich stay home counting bullets
our flags magnificent, our pride ascends to reach & tickle heaven as God marches too, for he blesses our side

Watch the shining marching soldiers like army ants to a slaughter hut two three four
see their shiny guns sparkle & shiny boots gleam in the sun stomping all those nonbelligerent victims
as they go south north east and west round & around
to stamp through & shoot true anyone to anywhere the politicians says do

Now hear the hymn of battle, ah so glorious and stupendous squealed the erect generals
thumping, searing bombs blasting through walls, bones and skulls
listen to the harmony of the screaming wounded the to moans of the traumatized & the children
listen, can you taste the sweet melody of war?

Such glory and honor are we so privileged to support like clapping monkeys
as the reaper rides along on a pale horse broad-smiled & salivating
then when we go home safe & so secure from the sacrifice of killing machines
tonight teach your child well about loving thy enemy and then raise him to kill him for a $

Thank the troops for killing without thought nor care any who dares to resist our probity & national interests
thank the politician for being a puppet to the profit hungry plutocracy that owns us all lock, stock & barrel
thank your parents who have not the guts nor brains to question nor ponder this cyclic odium who should know better
thank yourself for going along with peer pressured pandorum…who are you to disagree? do what your told…your…free…?

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