Cracks expanding like threads of a spider’s web
reaching spreading to touch more & more to roll linking spokes everywhere
cracks on the face of the apartheid wall deepening connecting bonding dazzling

Each crack a breath of freedom every crack a warm touch of hope healing despair
a frozen lake of apathy, indifference & silent conformity incessantly split by insatiable struggle
fractures popping & cascading from ripples of unfaltering struggle for social justice

Lines of freedom forming creating a canvas of of abuses & usurpations for all to see
listen to them crackle and pop as they sing their hope for freedom & emancipation
i heard them sing of a power within the prison of Bethlehem that could never be stifled

Each burst of light illuminating ethnic cleansing, occupation & military repression
the great grey prison 30 foot tall walls are crumbling from the weight of their own oppression
on the other side i see free people strongly stepping out of the darkness with integrity

Splinters like Courage to Refuse and B’tselem reaching into every dark corner
Bab al-Shams,EI &True Torah Jews Against Zionism spreading their truth
The Black Hands,Gaza Youth & CPT together with the same message; Let my people go

So one day i see the light even overwhelming the Knesset
for one day egalitarianism will fill this the darkest hole of the abyss
from water to water no fence,no check point no more ethnic cleansing no more apartheid

When all the cracks unite the wall of hate falls then crumbles by dust into the grave
on a warm summer day when all the soot settles from this great collapse
all the people jew, muslin, christian & secular diverse yet united as it was meant to be


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