white roses flutter from above…

white roses flutter from above…

Just another day in der loyal homeland
when the unfaultable troopers are, without a figment of dissent, honored as untouchable gods
in every school at all the churches awash in perpetual patriotic self-praise at the pied piper parades

at each & every sporting event every time over & over, piled upon more &more until you snap to nationalistic attention automatically
& its always the same self-deluding gratuitous perpetual grandstanding xenophobic bs

Stars will be spangled & the band will be playing as tears gush from pious eyes
eloquent speeches full of bravado & glory for amoral hired guns who execute the bidding of the opulent oligarchy
tears streaming with prideful gratefulness amplified by thunderous clapping

just as the stiff warriors arrive mechanically clutching their soldiers hearts
stoic & resolute as toy soldiers always are
red-eyes raised high to the flag whilst under crackling boots broken little bodies called bugsplat crunch

the little school children set up in the front row like cannon fodder bowling pins lined up for the next frame
as one synchronized complicit machine good obedient citizens stand to pledge
and it looks so mechanically precise very snake-oiled shined indeed

waving majestically untouched above the rule of law the red & white and blue so pure & true
the monotone response with never a dissent or discord as they speak as one
they pledge incessantly blind obedience to a most cruel deception

just as the patriotic explosion reached its climatic crescendo
something happens that no one could foresee nor anticipate
a horn sounded from high above, then white pieces of paper start fluttering from the blue sky

they shimmered as they twinkled & spun like stars on a dark night
gently, quietly spun and descended
each & everyone a name of a victim of a child that these heroes killed

Hundreds came down
thousands upon thousands
a rolling blizzard of papyrus and silk as it slowly piled to the ankles to rise higher and higher

every forgotten name from every decimated nation, every Mexican who was murdered defending his land every freedom fighting flillipino,every Viet, every afghan, Iraqi, Yemenis, Paki kid slaughtered for freedom
so many kids from so many lands & they kept falling as they kept expanding from the floor

every non soldier from every land where the American military has slaughtered for profit, plunder & policy for national interests every child, every orphan, every crippled son & daughter
names in blood as red as red could be

upon each & everyone a photograph of each and every kid
every child, mother, sister brother father cousin uncle & aunt of those who suffered from the military
silence hushed the crowds as the horn note played on an on was never faltering, never wavering

Then as the last piece fell, as a great silence screamed from the past into the present
you could just discern the gentle sobbing of a school girl
a cry of shame, horror, pain for all the victims that surrounded her, reached for her, touched her

as she slowly laboriously raised her head and looked out the school window
a blue sign caught her eye and she read; ‘war is not the answer’
she softly moaned more….she wept for the children, she wept for the solders, she wept for the victims of militarism, she wept for the cost of the colossal lie she now saw through with the lucid sight of a child

then without fanfare she gently prayed for a better day when people would war no more & especially worship no more the warrior and the violence they initiate
but she sniveled & prayed quietly for she was afraid of what others would say

Next day the newspapers headlined; ‘Great Terrorist Attack from the Sky’
the president called for heads to roll of course as usual congress rolled too but on its back
anyone caught with any of the notes was subject to indefinite detention by secretive executive order

all the notes were assembled confiscated shredded then burned in a great bonfire at the white house
for homeland security, for national interests & to protect and ensure the American way of life
the military was sent all over the world to bomb terrorize, rendition, imprison & drone those responsible

But one little school girl named Sophie talked with her friends as they hid in secret
they stared at their crumbled notes with the names of the innocent murdered children
in the dark with a flashlight hidden in the closet they whispered, sniffed and conspired

they made a pact that one day some day as they grew up
all the notes they could gather would be in every school book, in every locker, in every pew in the land…..
on each and every note in the upper corner
the emblem of the white rose next to the child’s photograph…the pledge of a schoolgirl named Sophie

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