Run run run….

In response to the pope resigning; If a person is caught molesting a child they are jailed and ostracized forever.. Many of them cant work, but live  under bridges as homeless vagabonds…But if your a catholic priest you not only get forgiven, but a brand-new clean slate, maybe even a raise as pack up your bag of dirty deeds and get sent to the next church to practice your black magic while those above you sweep the crime under a rug, dust off their dirty hands and at worst they complain to high heaven if they have to pay off a family that dared complain about their child being molested.  The catholic church has always been, is and will be the most corrupt ‘religion’ on this planet and that is why Benedict is resigning because he was a Benedict Arnold to his faith, to his probity, to his God and he knows it to the core of his soul…Most nefarious…Image


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