when little ol’ i…

When I by michael hall

When I look up upon the sky and the blue not stained nor veiled by human pollutants
When I dip my hand into any stream and drink unafraid
When I can fish in any river, all lakes, and eat without fear from containments
When humanity cares enough not to foul the nest he made

When I can walk north to south, east to west and not stumble upon fence, wall, armed guard or national boundary
When I see that those who have the least are the first to be served and those with the most, served last
When I see that possessions are eschewed and materialism a thing of the past
When I see the human race sharing fairly what never was theirs to possess

When I see that titles and certificates of ownership become the allusion that they always were
When the need is always fed but the want is starved
When the only possessions shared by one and all
Is the borrowed air of your breath and the love for the maker of us

When man no longer wars upon man as the peacemaker is embraced and the warmaker distained
When the art of war is no longer taught to daughter and son
When dialogue and tolerance have replaced monologue and violence
When swords are made into ploughshares and man knows war no more

When all children everywhere are sheltered and fed and loved to their hearts content
With all the pencils, paper, crayons and books that they could treasure
When children are not molested by the very clergy to whom they are sworn to protect
When the prisons are emptied and those who suffered within mended and rehabilitated

When i see that these things have come to pass
When this place becomes again what it once was
Then I may go home
Then I may rest
Thank God


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