up on a mountain top

Up on the mountaintop

I climbed up to the mountain top
I was sore tired and worn
My feet were bleeding and my lungs ached
My mind was traumatized from the carnage way far below

As i stepped onto the plateau
The air was sweet crisp and fresh
The sun toasty warm on the face while dancing in the shadows of the pine trees
A babbling brook, softly singing in the distance gentle and serene

And i as i looked around I saw them one and all
Gandhi and Jesus
LaoTzu and Buddha
mohammed and krishna
Teresa and Gibbs
Sweitzer and Einstein
Chief Joseph Crazy Horse and Wovoka
The giants of my reach
The caliper of my aspiration

And yet below us all
The trials and tribulations cyclic in its repeated insanity
And I painstakingly contemplated my ledger as I rose and pondered
with the dues I paid do I deserve nirvana?

I am not above nor below any before
By trial and error I have been humbled as I let go
The maker encased within us infinite good and bad
And the skin is the choices we choose in freedom

The path for one and all the same
Dao is beyond heaven and hell
Who are we to question when the answer resides within?
Between finite parameters, the truth is infinity

When the source is the nameless one
A path of inspiration to do good deeds
Cut and bruised by the pragmatics of ‘reality’
How can any of us rise above when we’re entangled in the web?

Up on the mountaintop
Does not guilt stain the gold
For by reaching do you do not condemn
Time is water flowing to its own rhythm


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