The Beast

The Beast
by michael hall

It’s very difficult to recognize the beast
for he is usually dressed in a flag seemingly righteous shining brightly & quite glorious
he sparkles brillantly of seemingly flawless justice, proclaiming protection for the helpless and mercy for one and all
so honorable and is most pious boasting of his merciful means and intentions well-blessed
For his constitution is the pinnicle of principles and probity at a master freemason level

You see the devil is wrapped in deception for his core is corruption
Many names does he go by for he is quite exceptional
numerous laws does he develop for he is above them all
All worship and adore him for he is the best that’s ever been

Cliches and simple minded maxims he spews forth aplenty
for he supports the troops and of course is a force for good as he wars for peace by terror
all are in wonder and awe shocked by his militarized magnificance
Who can dare stand against him in war or peace

Swollen with pride and self-worship he is quite comfortable with his vanity on steroids
above all reproach and critisism none care to complain
the best before and the greatest that will ever be for he is above all, quite exceptional
who would dare not acknowledge such glory or critisize his ever crackling whip

born of fire but such a noble birth
none have ever seen the like
for this path is golden and soars as an eagle
carved by the gods into perfection from global girth

no stranger to violence,war or terrorism
a day has not gone by that was absent of the three
the city on the hill calls for peace as he wars against friend and foe
always with patriotism and nationalism his hubris jingoism

When your the biggest and baddest kid on the block anything goes
who could stand up to you when you will bribe,hector or instill regime change anytime anywhere
Your desire is absolute domination and utter global subjegation
as you swallow your youth and turn them into war hoes to emigrate

freedom is a eves-dropping cage while bravery is brainwashing fear
a totaltarian police state you’ve built on the sheeple’s back
a house of cards shaped into a tiger roaring rants of diatribes and rage
but one day coming soon the emporer will be shown to have no clothes…

as the eagle has morphed into sparta
sparta is a land of locust whose ethos is to consume one and all
and though no man is no island i have heard
what was once grandeous and manifested to be destined
to become easter island as it then consumes itself…


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