quaking of the ubuntu

quaking of the ubuntu

This world is my country
humankind is my family
all life my kin
here my faith in is wei wui wei

stewardship is my career
panspermia is the hypothesis that seems obvious
altruism is the premise seems to be true
biocentrism is the aspiration as self-sacrifice as a duty without need for validation

nations are cages for inhabited by selfish xenophobic’s who adhere to nepotism
i recognize nor honor borders or boundaries fences no walls
i see no races nor creeds but one with all individuals equal in value &worth
for every piece is an equal part of another

this space/time i temporality occupy for our children
as a humble guest i care for with reverence
to give more than i take
to love more than loved in judicious gratitude

the suffering of others i strive to recognize to abet as a duty
not just via probity never pity nor charity but of unconditional brotherhood
simply out inner compassion and empathy
for each of us is light clothed by flesh

to raise my fist in anger
is not my argument to induce surrender
my wit and empathy are tools to teach
Peace is…inevitable by the touch of nonviolent kindness

i am better than no one
but less than none
i am just a flicker of light
no greater nor lesser than any other

any one equals any amount of combination
the many equals no greater than any sole
the unalienable truth is that you are an equal part
biocentrism is the aspiration

the path is where you walk in humility with merciful benevolence
violence is the tool of the selfish
the objective in wei-wu-wei
unconditional love for each and every one is the current lesson message and core

to take the least as you give the most is why you are here
to understand that you are simply in flux
connected to nothing by everything
utterly entirety is the sum of pantheism



You are here to learn, teach and pay a debt
to listen to those who cannot hear
to see together those who cannot see
to speak with those who cannot speak
to walk astride the lame

To nonviolently confront violence is a sacred duty
To rise and resist injustice and hatred with justice and love
to vie with cruelty and violence with kindness and gentleness
to eschew mammonism and desire
hedonism and materialism are but addictions to a void that can never be filled

we are temporary occupiers upon this great gift
we do not inherit this as a commodity to consume
but as borrowers for the next group
your karma is your legacy as well as your endowment

i am attached atomically to the universe
i am bonded biologically to all life
i am chemically connected to this earth

i am continuingly astounded
i am perpetually awed
i am ever humbled…in flux


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