just another voice in the wilderness of a great darkness

i am no hero or genius
few listen to me fewer still hear
and i am no angel nor great poet nor philosopher
just a rabid peer with a purpose crying his rage at injustice in the city

yet i do perceive right from wrong
i can feel the earth bleed and suffer
i do understand that humanity is inflicting grievous harm
try as i do, to shine a light upon the deepening darkness

the darkness of racism and nepotism and hatred
the darkness of mammonism,greed and selfishness
the darkness of illusory chest pounding power and phony adulation

i beg for ability
i pray for courage and strength
i work for articulation and eloquence but i fail every time
still i carry on

i quake in utter agony
i scream in complete rage and despair
my family knows i am crazy
for i have stared at the abyss and it embraced me

i am outcast but i embrace all
we are doomed yet we must strive
you are the answer though you know not the question
the solution is simply to be what you are meant to be

i woke up this morphing but i wished i did not
for to suffer in hell continuously is a fate that wears you down 24/7
but still i strive for compassion humility and purpose
i beleive in panthesim,alturism,ahimsa, biocentrism,compassion humility and the golden rule


for injustice is nefarious no matter who does it
drones are war crimes semantics none withstanding
they raise flags above the most odious crimes
they lie and deceive most people and call war peace

we are destroying the very thing that feeds us
that gives us the water we drink and the air that we breathe
we create frankenfood for a cheap profit as it poisons our children
we brutalize with militarized police nonviolent protesters exercing their rights

we allow so called leaders to lead us to depravity by complicity using violence their mammomism
we convince ourselves by dissonance that the wall we build keeps out the truth
we cage ourselves in an ever shrinking bubble that smothers and suffocates
we then reach a singularity epiphany one day and are forced to decide

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