Find the Courage to Resist Violence…


Find the Courage Within, Then Dare to Resist Violence..


So, it’s Armistice Day this 11-11-12. This is also called Remembrance Day, the day WW1 ended with a armistice signing on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918. This war was so horrific, it caused so much death and destruction, especially among the civilian noncombatants, that it was called the War to End all Wars. Since ‘total war’ became the ultimate scourge of humanity it was decided to end war as an international policy once and for all. So after 10 years of debate and forging, the Kellog-Briand Pact was finally signed, ratified by the Senate and is still legal and binding. “An international agreement in which signatory states promised not to use war to resolve disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be, which may arise among them.” It not only called for the end of war, it declared the application of war illegal and this is probably why in almost 100 years, America has never declared war except once( upon the Japanese Empire in 41), yet we’ve been involved in armed conflicts all over the world virtually every day since the end of WWI.
Yet we’ve been taught by some of the greatest minds and souls humanity has ever produced who expounded on the insanity and evil of military service and the application of the military; violence-war. Albert Einstein; (1)”The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service.” (2) “He that joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, science for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once, Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violent I hate all this, how despicable an ignorable war is. I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder!
M. Gandhi; “Was not war itself a crime against God and Humanity, and therefore were not those who sanctioned, engineered, and conducted wars, war criminals?” Now we are in a permanent international conflict dubbed the ‘War on Terror’. This meaningless scam cliché is an assault on semantics, as is the phrase; ‘support the troops‘. It is not only a false flag farce, but it is simply a pretext for massive war spending to feed the overflowing coffers of the bloated arms makers who are themselves quite patriotic about profits. The largest American media empire is Comcast who is owned by the 3rd largest arms supplier to the America, GE. So they are hardly an unbiased messenger of information. So what do you think their ‘objective perspective’ should be? Well back in 1950 their CEO Charlie Wilson, who also was named head of the Office of Defense Mobilization by President Truman told members of the Newspaper Publishers Association; ” If the people were not convinced [that the free world is in mortal danger] it would be impossible for Congress to vote vast sums now being spent to avert this danger. With the support of public opinion, as marshaled by the press, we are off to a good start. It is our job- yours & mine to keep our people convinced that the only way to keep disaster away from our shores is to build up America’s might.” Can you say ‘conflict of interest’?
Haven’t you’ve ever wondered why no American mainstream news media stations are pro-peace? Six corporations control 95% of the media is why, and all of them are heavily invested in arms making and then selling their product. They are uniformly pro-war, pro supporting the troops no matter what they do, or where. It is in their financial interests to stoke war and fear hysteria as they whitewash the horror of war and sweep under the rug the truth. So this herd manipulation of the people into blindly, obediently, supporting without question nefarious acts committed in your name with your financial support that is undermining the future of your children, dissolving the moral fiber of your soul and is a crime against humanity. It is destroying the very values and principles upon which this country and people state they stand for; Justice, Rule of Law, decent treatment of prisoners, due process, habeas corpus, and of course the moral high ground now a sinkhole. We are letting the military-industrial-complex choke and yoke us all, and like an psychopathic octopus stretching our military all over the world feeding and stoking the flames of conflict.
General/President Eisenhower knew this and said so in his final address with advice and warning; “Every Gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists the hopes of its children.” This support the troops tab is $2.2 million a day. Who enjoys the profit? Who pays the price? If you’ve spent 2 million dollars a day since Jesus was born, you would pay for just 1 year of what america spends on the militarism. Ponder.
But why ponder when you don’t suffer what is done in your name, right? You rah rah rah the flag and the troops while pay your taxes like a good citizen, so why should you care. Today more soldiers die by suicide than by combat (Now averaging once a day) and is this not a flaming red flag to your sense of cognition? The murdering of women and children are committed by your troops, by your nation, by your complicity and this is applying your ‘Christian’ values and principles?
US Marine General S. Butler wrote an essay that should be read by every kid in public schools, by every kid thinking of going into a recruiting station. The essay is called; “War is a Racket.” Marine General Butler said; “I spent 33 years and 4 months in active military service. And during that time I spent most of my time as a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism…Thus I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenue in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street…I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for American Fruit companies in 1903, in China in 1927, I helped to see to it that Standard oil went on its way unmolested.”
US army staff sergeant Andy Sapp who served time in Iraq, that great ancient land as one of the founding members of civilization, where no one ever came over here to harm you, had assumed that that his role would be to protect his country when it was threatened. Instead he now considers himself part of “something evil.” During his stalled therapy, his therapist suggested that his spiritual pain was exacerbating his psychological pain, then it clicked! The spiritual part (his inner sense of probity) that he called his ‘sacred wound’. Others have called it a ‘moral wound’. Or a ‘soldiers heart’. This is when you are haunted by what you’ve done by orders from those above even though you know its wrong. This is the result of taking part in or of witnessing an act that you find a sin, something that violates your deeply held beliefs, your role in the world and what you are fighting for. For this moment, you become what you never wanted to be. This ‘moral injury’ comes from what you did, or failed to do, or something you’ve witnessed. Peer pressure that is indoctrinated into all of us nearly every day in our public schools. As my son recently noticed when several kids at school were watching a video on ‘youtube’ that was posted by our fine soldiers showing them toss a puppy up in the air, then shooting it on the way down and everyone getting a good laugh, including the students here at home.
This is what love of country, patriotism, my country can do no wrong, and supporting the troops no matter what they do in our name comes to; dastardly deeds with the subsequent, ‘soldiers heart’. What glory can there be in slaughter and occupation of those who never came over here to harm us? Where is the court of law or justice when the US military murders an AMERICAN 16 year old boy who was having a cookout in the desert in Yemen on 9-4-11? Do you support this crime? Your Nobel Peace Prize recipient, president obama, approved this 1st degree homicidal strike.
We’re involved in a global ‘war’ that has no beginning, no ending just a nefarious juggernaught pathway that if anything, is escalating as we sink-slide to oblivion as any other empire has in the past. Militarism is bankrupting this american empire, not social programs. James Madison; “Of all the enemies of public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded, because it comprises & develops the germ of ever other.” One-half of the budget is spent on militarism which is more that the rest of the world spends combined! Over 1,000 military bases in 151 nations and growing? Violence begets violence? Thou Shalt Not Murder? Those who live by the sword will die by the sword? Love thy Enemy? Most churches now have devolved into ‘patriotic cheerleaders’ completely opposite of Jesus’ teachings.
Good civic citizens if you blindly, obediently, submissively support the troops, then do you unquestioning support the policies and mandates that sends them anywhere, everywhere, regardless of borders, rule of law, probity? Without sense of conscience, by complicity by acquiesce financed by your taxes, protected by media-embedded collective cognitive dissonance to perpetrate acts that violate your most basic values and principles? If you, support the troops then you condone their actions that result in the death of children in nations we are not at war as we kill innocent people of a nation that is an ally? Do you support the troops when they murder in other lands WE ARE NOT AT WAR WITH? If you do then you support terrorism. To support terrorism even the ‘made in the usa’ kind is still amoral, illegal, are then war crimes and crimes against humanity. To support this iniquity is willful blindness and criminal negligence and the supporters should be held accountable. Support the troops? Port the troops and support Peace! Find the courage within, then dare to resist violence. Resist violence by refusing military servitude.
JFK said; “War will end on that fateful day when the conscience objector enjoys the same prestige as the warrior does today.” Dare to break from the herd by thinking and speaking for values and principles that are opposed to an empire that is the greatest purveyor of violence and the largest exporter of terrorism the world has ever seen. Over 100 years ago this was written by an American reporter in Manila during the Spanish-American war; “Our men have killed to exterminate men, women, children, prisoners and captives, active insurgents and suspected people from lads of 10 and up…Our soldiers have pumped salt water into men to ‘make them talk’, and have taken prisoners people who held up their hands and peacefully surrendered, and an hour later…stood them on a bridge and shot them down one by one, to drop into the water…”
So after a century is America any less…evil? Birth defects from agent orange in Vietnam still affect Vietnamese children exposed to the dioxin, and now birth defects from depleted uranium shells abused in Iraq have been showing upon their children when American troops used them. Looks like a consistent track record from day 1…Just ask an ‘Indian’. A military that is worshiped, can do no wrong, is above the law, exported all over the world is not a benign entity out to promote freedom, peace and democracy by the application of its appalling violence. It is an monstrosity by its means, methods and actions, so it needs to be curtailed, caged, locked up, and the key given to the families of its victims if justice is to be served.
“ I didn’t raise my boy to be a soldier” was a hit song in 1915 and within is the lines; There’d be no war today if mothers all would say; I didn’t raise my boy to be a soldier.” I say Port the Troops. Isn’t this the ultimate support? To raise my own sons to be killing machines for the empire, for Wall Street, Bankers, the Arms Makers is the ultimate in evil for a parent. Raise a conscience objector, a critical thinker, a compassionate human being who believes in justice, altruism, who dares to resist violence like they teach in our public schools, a person who places principles and values above illusory borders between people. To look through borders to see his fellow man as his brother not rival. To see the Earth not as a commodity but as a gift to share not abuse, to tend not consume. To become selfless not selfish.
We need to serve our children, not use them for our service. We allow ourselves and leaders to pretend that this planet is just a game of ‘Risk’. What are nations but warring forts each out to acquire by whatever means for its own consumption? Aggressive competition for resources is this mad scramble for the glory and acquisition of ‘stuff’, who has the most, and devours the most is the foundation of iniquity between peoples. We need to change the paradigm from one of being arrogant locust into instead to becoming humble stewards called human beings. Doesn’t every religion teach this?
So we live on a world with finite assets in the midst of violent competition for dwindling resources. Just the barest beginning of turning this around is peace. Peace is not an end result to some utopia, it is simply the very first plank in the foundation of a better world. We need to support peace! Webster Dictionary: “Peace; The normal nonwarring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world.” We are in an abnormal state and to support abnormality is ludicrous, dangerous and psychopathic. Robert Kennedy: “Yet we seemingly tolerate a rising level of violence that ignores our common humanity and our claims to civilization alike. We calmly accept newspaper reports of civilian slaughter in far off lands. We glorify killing on movie and television screens and call it entertainment. We make it easy for men of all shades of sanity to acquire weapons and ammunition they desire. Too often we honor swagger and bluster and the wielders of force; too often we excuse those who are willing to build their own lives on the shattered dreams of others. Some looks for scapegoats, others look for conspiracies, but this much is clear; violence breeds violence, repression brings retaliation, and only a cleaning of our whole society can remove this sickness from our soul.”
A new core ingredient to the application of this manic violence is the latest greatest tool of terror called the drone. American war crimes and crimes against humanity have been perpetuated in the drone campaign. The vast majority of the deaths in the drone war in Pakistan have been civilian noncombatants-not militants,” as Obama has claimed. Since he considers every boy above the age 16 killed, a militant. According to an in-depth study released by Stanford Law School and NYU School of Law entitled: Living Under Drones: Death, Injury, and Trauma to Civilians From US Drone Practices in Pakistan, thousands of human beings have been murdered by drones. At least 176 were children. Four kids were droned just the other day as they were tending their livestock and a US General has stated that the families are entitled to Condolence Payments. My,my how generous. This was never done for the Indians. Well, not totally true. America has from time to time offered various tribes compensation payments for stolen land and destroyed cultures but can you really rectify an injustice by throwing money at it? How would you feel if your child was murdered by an illegal occupying force on american soil? Would $500 pay you off? An excerpt from this report: Drones hover twenty-four hours a day over communities in northwest Pakistan, striking homes, vehicles, and public spaces without warning. Their presence terrorizes men, women, and children, giving rise to anxiety and psychological trauma among civilian communities…People have become fearful of gathering in groups, even for funerals or religious rites. The American habit of striking the same target multiple times has made rescuers and medical personal reluctant to help the wounded. Some Parents choose to keep their children home, and children injured or traumatized by strikes have dropped out of school. Where is the honor in the murder of children and women done by joystick 6,000 miles away and then calling this ‘Bugsplat’?
“Terrorism” and “terrorists” are the key labels of power and profit seeking warmongers working to instill fear into the public to justify military slaughtering. According to Webster’s EU dictionary, Terrorize means to dominate or coerce by intimidation. Terrorism is the state of fear and submission so produced. While a Terrorist is someone who uses terrorizing methods. Does this not define America and her aggressive military policies overseas? In other words WE are the terrorists exporting it all over the world and so we should not participating in it. Supporting gangster’s of capitalism as they rob gas stations in the sandbox is not protecting our diluted and shrinking freedoms.
Do you support the manipulated rationalizations that they are in other nations killing and destroying? Especially now that we know they were all bogus pretexts and false flags? What Iraqi ever came over here to attack us? Not one! What Afghan ever came over here to attack your towns, assault you in your homes in the dead of night killing any who were asleep? Do you support bombing of rescuers and medics that come to the aide of the wounded after a drone fired from a trooper more than 6,000 miles away because he trusts the word of a superior that the execution was only committed on the “bad guys”? How can you support the murder of women and children and call this ‘fighting for freedom and democracy’ when it is the epitome of nefariousism?
The terrorist attack and military occupation of Iraq was based entirely on lies and yet not one person has been held responsible so how could you call this American justice? The troops you support that kill, torture, lie, and have become brainless conquisitors and hired guns are nothing more than war hoes. Your support of this is un-American, unchristian and if the horror and terror that you support was done to you and yours, you would declare a jihad, wouldn’t you? Martin Kelly; “Because we never see the smoke and fire, we never smell the blood, we never see the terror in the eyes of the CHILDREN, whose nightmares will now feature screaming missiles from unseen terrorists, will be only known as Americans.”
To defend ones borders at ones border from attack and/or invasion is one thing but to send troops anywhere and to kill anyone everywhere including American citizens is beyond illegal and odious, it is insane. Is the new American courtroom a gallows, a bullet, a missile conviction, a conviction and execution by the order of one man, a hired employee of the American people? America is the greatest purveyor of violence and the largest exporter of terrorism in the world and that is not God blessed but unholy and evil. Every American who is not dissenting and standing against this nightmare has no moral high ground, no spine, no guts. I do not support torture. I do not support the murder of anyone! I do not support a military that is lawless, yet above the law, completely out of control and deserves condemnation not adulation.
Thank a vet for being a hired gun, a war prostitute, a war hoe? For becoming an unthinking robot with a gun who kills at command without thought, without any sense of probity? At the behest, by order of one’s employee; your elected politician who is a cheerleader and hired hand of the 1%?
Ah, those red-blooded, patriotic youths who literally bend over, grab their ankles, submit like meek sheep to the government, and fight in wars they do not care to understand or reason on screaming; ‘Kill Kill Kill’, as long as they are absolved of the guilt and blame are cannon fodder is beyond contemptible it is purely odious.
Should any of us honor the dishonorable? Military folk are simply nationalized hit-men. When you join a military, you agree to kill anyone you are commanded to kill. Doesn’t matter if the people you assault families in their homes that never were a threat to you and yours. That is not honor that is despicable shame that lasts a lifetime. You think they fight for love of the nation? They fight because they have no choice. If they don’t, they go to jail because they’ve signed on to be slaves with guns who kill on demand. If you doubt this then ask all those troops who are in Iraq and Afghanistan that if they could go home right this minute without penalty, would they? Would any stay? If the war dead could come back from the grave would they stand against that horror called war? Of course they would.
Troops are nothing but unthinking attack dogs who get a bone to kill and if they refuse, they get a cage. Support injustice? Salute a polluted and disgraced flag because America and her aggressive actions are above the law? Never! No red, white and blue rag rises above the iniquities that are committed beneath. And no, heroes are those good folks, who save lives, not kill them. When Rule of Law is discarded and tossed aside by narcissistic double-standards and hypocrisy then you no longer have equality under law, and without equality you then create injustice, corruption and inevitable decay which then results in destruction as it collapses like a house of cards. Thank a vet for being a war criminal, a paid assassin for corporatism, for fascism, a gangsta for capitalism for making our world less safe and insecure? No thanks!
So as the war drones on into perpetuation and as the empire stretches its grasping talons beyond its gory reach while decaying from within by debt, dissolution of its principles, it then goes the way of all former empires and alas Imperial America is no exception. Empires must feed like locust and expand or they implode. Overextension is the inevitable outcome of such hunger. And all the propaganda fed to us will not allay that fact. Neither the emperor nor the empire is clothed. Karmic Debt is burying us. America is now becoming Sparta and this will devolve in becoming Easter Island. It is, thankfully, inevitable.
So on this day marking the end of WW1, Remembrance Day, I lament for too little is remembered or learned from perpetual violence, this American addiction to militarism. I mourn for the millions from this nation’s violence all over the world who never attacked us, never came over here and seem to be just trying to defend themselves from our aggressiveness, from our hunger for their resources. I mourn for the troopers who perpetuate the crimes of their nation for a duty and honor that was corrupted and sullied by those rich folks who used them like the most base prostitute.
I almost pity the American lemmings who have been become thoughtless flag waving narcissist, xenophobic, consuming cattle who know not, or care to know what is done in their name…It is depravity. A self-described Christian nation acting so unchirstlike in its butchering of those who have what it wants and uses violence to get it is contemptible. It began with the Indians, it continues today with Muslims. Every Muslim I have ever met acts far more Christian than most so called Christians I know. History repeats, violence begets violence and those who live by the sword will suffer the same fate they mete out. Do you wish to stop terrorism? Then quit exporting it then.
Take the first step towards individual and societal adulthood. Dissolve your love of war and support of the warrior…Aspire to find your courage of heart and freedom to put down the sword, educate the wo/man of war by evolving into a calm and gentle person of benevolent peace as we all then walk out into a bright warm lit up new day not clouded, shackled and injured by self-serving violent competition but instead, in its place, a clear day of gentle compassionate sharing through grateful stewardship of what we do not own…

michael hall


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