war is horrible…but

war is horrible…but

war is such a horrible thing but what choice do we have
when across the pond they won’t sell us their gasoline at a price that we demand
why we have no other recourse since we crave to force the world to be democratic and free
we are the world’s policeman so what we says goes and what we say is that you obey

support the troops or your a traitor then you’ll get kicked out of your church
support the troops without question or you will lose your job
support the troops submissively or you’ll be ostracized
support the troops means that you support what they do

we believe in law but we place ourselves above it
we believe in following rules as long as we make them
we are a christian nation but we practice not the message
born by empire by supporting troops the end will be the same

when you live on above on a pedestal surrounded by a deep vast moat
fantasy and fiction is your reality
you convince you and yours
that the most base and vile things you do are for a ‘good cause’
or its for their own good whether or not they want you there with a gun in your hand, arrogance in your strut
you simply bribe the oligarchy in a foreign land
and you get away with murder….literally


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