biocentric-pantheism applying wei wu wei
Wei-wu-wei, “the action of nonaction,
biocentrism-humans have no more value than any other life
pantheism-this universe is alive and we are all just aspects of this whole…
panspermia-this universe is seeded by seed carrying asteroids with the organic compounds to start life on places that have the basics to accept the start of life…
wu-wei- action by nonaction…let it be, resist not evil, act by not acting
gnostic christianity

panspermia-this universe has/is/will be seeded by billions of asteroids and comets used as vessels containing organic compounds…who or what were the farmers? why?

1)we are, this is, for all that you perceive and far more, one continuously in flux organism…
2)all is one, one is all and every bit from the micro to the macro is equal to any and all
3)if one wishes to be, one needs to become…
4)bullshit is far easier for the herd to swallow than the truth is
5)one =the many
the many = the one
any quark = the greatest galaxy
it’s all an illusion that you are created
for your amusement…
6) who has the power? find the money,who has the money? find the power
7) peace is not an end. it is merely the beginning ,actually just a prenatal step on a very long journey back to the start…
8) peace is the beginning of a long hard journey to where we should be now
9)smart? please don’t insult me as such…birds are smart and as are worms and microbes …for they find all that need to eat. Do they consume food laced with poison? Do they knowingly drink water that is speckled with the residue of pesticides, herbicides and antidepressants ?Do they have their own homes without selling themselves as slaves to others, without signing contracts that rape and rob, without voting on another to rule them…No i am very stupid indeed!
10) the only thing i own is the breath i just took
11) you stand up to injustice, violence, racism, apathy, cognitive dissonance conformity, ethnic hatred, mammonism by nonviolent noncooperative confrontation…
12) if you posses nothing, no one can steal from you
if you desire nothing, everything is yours,
since everything is yours, you need not a fence for naught
14) the mark of an immature person is one who will die nobly and with pride and honor for a cause , whereas the mature person will live humbly for a cause
15) is our human experience aspiration here merely to consume self-indulgently for ammonic nepotism or instead to become altruistic in our stewardship by compassion and benevolence?
16) the hub (heart) of probity is empathy
17) violence divides (them) people whereas peace unifies(us)
18) violence weeds division while nonviolence seeds peace which breeds tranquility
19) america has always strived to bury the injustices she commits from the past by whitewashing with the bleach of deception to sweep the truth under a rug then plant a flag on it, while she continues the same polices today with other societies and history books
20) what is religion but exploitation of an exaggeration for selfish intention?


mammonism: the pursuit of wealth and materialism…to be an american…a locust

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