michael’s manifesto…wip

michael’s manifesto


We are at a pivotal crossroad concerning our human survival, the continued existence of many other species and possibly the survival of the planet itself as it all hangs within the balance at this moment by our influence. We are capable, but are we willing to raise the bar, rise up, and then grow up idividually and collectively to take responsibility for our accountability for what we do and don’t do on this planet which is not ours to abuse and exploit like mindless lust-consuming locust? Are we doomed to some type of decadent sliding decay as a species, to our eventual self-destructive perdition and with it bringing down so many others with us? Are we damned to fall or we destined to rise? We must be adroit enough, compassionate enough so that we can finally reach and grasp for our edification as we need to practice and enact what has been taught to us all over the world for thousands of years by so many teachers? It is completely our freedom of choice, each one of us each here, not our governments, not government agencies, not our militaries, not leaders, but up to each one us as critically thinking individuals to decide. The power always has and always will lie with the people in our societies.
WE THE PEOPLE, as it defnes groups of individuals all over this planet need to wake up, rise up and do the things that are necessary to do in order to ensure our continuation and in so doing we do the right thing. Can any of us in all honesty proclaim that we are headed for greater days or does it seem that our efforts are not just static but descending and heading for disaster? It is within our hands, hearts and minds to decide what we do today for our children’s tomorrow. We must growup and apply our learned cardinal virtures for the betterment of all. Or we continue as infantile locust addicted to our vices. We have disconnected ourselves from the natural ways of this place that we are born into simply as another member. We have taken pride in our acomplishments and walled ourselves in narcisstic arrogance to not just dominate other species but to consume without thought for what we defacate. Our greed, our wants of comfort and wealth have transformed us into monsters. Our plastic,selfish culture that is now world-wide is called the american dream and it is simply nefariousness incarnate.We are temporary guests here not pernament owners. We are not omnipopant beings beyond probity and natural law. We are just another part of it with unusual abilities to affect it. Is that our purpose here on this planet as sentinent beings? To simply mindlessly consume in our narrow hedonic pursuits as egomaniacs addicted and absorbed by our self-interests and yet oxymoronically annointing this life-style as divine is odium. We are near the singularity as we toast and boast to our magnificance as we speed on this accelerating train to the singulairty of the abyss.
We must change some social and individual basic concepts or we might not make it here much longer. We need to become inclusive not live in segregated exclusive zones of illusory boundaries called nations. We need to educate our youth to see humanity as a whole not as selfish self-serving tribes under a capitalistic system when its dog eat dog, law of the jungle, every man for himself view as the strong exploit the weaker and the large absorb the smaller. Instead of the law of the jungle rule concept where its simply a fight of the fittest for the benefit of the fittest few who then gather up all that they can and then everybody works for them for a pittance in a pyramidal system where we have a few with excessive power and wealth and then everyone else. This extreme capatlistic system seeds inequality which of course breeds resentment which then manfiests itself in violence. Generation after generation has been conditioned,brainwashed and indoctrinated to belief in this system as the only way to live. This race to the top is a fools game, a deception that erects walls,caste systems,class groups that cannot live in peace with each other. This herd mentality which always seeks to cast a few seperate from the rest and then the herd does not have to make decisions,think,reason or dissent. We need to cast off this paradyme.
We don’t need a good leader to ‘save us’ or to lead the way into a false tomorrow of eden, we need well- informed and enthustiacally involved citizens working together equally in a roundtable swarm intelligence approach to society as our economic, political, and cultural systems merge into one system that is a social/capitalist system working for the benefit of all not just for the few. Where those who are need the most get first partake. Each person on this planet is a human being, no greater nor lesser than another. From Buddha to Pol Pol, Bush to Gandhi we are interrelated and thus share our connected humanity which cannot be judged individually. We are children of infinite potential and each is pre-positioned for connection.
Yet we are in discord by our illusory divisions. Separation from the source is suffering as we seek selfish gratification as desire for the wants of the self that devolved from needs. Selflessness is the freedom of letting go of the constraints of self. By letting go, the freedom of connection is made. Ego is a cage though by deception it seems to be freedom. Science/religion, socialism/capitalism, have too much/have too little it is all allusion. Artificial, temporal, temporary things called nations creating walls and boundaries between us We must unite as one people in peace, with respect for human rights and human dignity. We need to come to the realization that family is inclusive, not exclusive. There is no you, just an infinite myriad of groups that comprises and completes as one. You is us, reflecting by interaction a connection disrespecting by the flawless of words that can’t define the honesty of the concept.
We must alter our present economic system which allows extremes of wealth and poverty. The injustice of exploitation can never more be tolerated let alone legalized.
We can no longer allow people to be oppressed exploited, ignored in their poverty
We must share resources fairly under complete and utter egalitarianism
We must simply grow up as individuals and groups that we are capable of being
We waste far too much of our resources in the financing, designing build and then using tools of destruction and those who profit never sully their hands with the application
We need to redirect our vast abilities in the arts of the humanities, regreening the earth, feeding, assisting the sick, the poor and homeless. We could build a paradise here overnight by simply redirecting abilities and recourses from violence and conflict and redirect it to helping those who are in need, for education, research and development into areas that help not hurt, build, not destroy, unify not divide. The vast majority of present day conflicts are coaxed, artificially bred for profit, control and power. If we eliminate conflict, we open upon an vast reservoir of resources that can be steered towards positive pursuits as in r and d for diseases, exploration, education, etc
This is not a utopian cloud, this is not goal, this is a path nothing more nor less.
I propose a change, a 180 degree turn, a flipping of the societal pyramid upside down in all its myriad of facets; Economic, political, social and philosophical. To eschew the law
of the jungle, to shun the every man for himself concept, to distain the might makes right growth-mode, to set aside the greed is ok for self-gratification and selfishness as our out look on life the law and, self-indulgence and self-gratification to one empathy and compassion, an altruistic ahimsa renaissance eschewing locust-like consumerism, armed conflict, ruler ship and control by the few on the many. Economically we can merge the tow bookends of our financial endeavors. We can merge socialism/capitalism into a system that does not punish the weak that creates the poor on one end and the rich on the other. A system that does reward those who strive yet not to the point of obesity, to the point of extreme wealth that becomes mere exploitation. A system where the weakest, neediest, and hungriest partake first and the strongest are the last.
A proposition of a path leads us to one world nation with real equality between peoples spanning geographical areas disallowing our present form of rulership by the wealthy, the so called developed, the mighty and backdoor, the elitism of ‘first-worlder’s’ behind the scenes corporate entities driven by their bottom line at the expense of the environment, human rights, social equality and social conscience. We must unite under one government that ensures that no one is above the law, all are treated equally and fairly under the law, no exceptions, no privileged few, no oligarchy, no plutocracy, no ruler ship by the few, of the many, the powerful the rich who bully, coerce, who overthrow, who attack and occupy as they install puppet governments that kow-tow to the ruling nation through bribes and pay-offs as is done nowadays by those who profess they bring freedom and democracy and instead bring violence, destruction, disorder and chaos in their wake. We must stop this by unification, secular, egalitarianism that is social conscionable where those who are in the most need get to partake first.
We are a single race of explorers. We are a most curious speices and why can’t we redirect our energies into reseach and exploration to tend as grateful stewards instead of consumerism,militarism,fearmongering, pyramidal leadership and self-gratification…
A parliamentary participatory republic that is governed truly and completely by well-informed and well-educated sovereign citizens and not ruled by career politicians who are themselves merely well-paid puppets by their master the oligarchy, the owners. We must have a system that insures not just all are entitled to the right to vote but are obligated to rule as well on term limits. Drawn from all over the world on a random, lottery-type basis to sit on round-table councils where the bills, are presented, the rules are decide by committee. An economic system that disallows extremes of wages, that eliminates classes, that totally and completely destroys a hierarchy structure. Instead of a vertical longitude ladder system, instead one that is latitude and linear. One configuration that is cyclic.


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