If Commanded

when you ‘command’ me

If i am pressured to salute a flag, any flag i will refuse
when commanded to pee in a cup i will not comply
As well to where i am poked to stand and shout a pledge to fascism
i will look at you and them and i will laugh most heartily

When you order me to pull over at a checkpoint
i will not
for i am a sovereign citizen and i shant encourage your police state
yes your violence is a most ready and over-used tool
but again i will not comply

You sing an anthem in patriotic glory and pride
i will sit and smile a most bemused stare
for your societal nepotism i find an perverse abomination
your hubris i despise as the epitome of odiousness

Your military is doing acts that violate core values and principles
your government ignores the rules of law, the constitution and the bill of rights
your corporations are your masters and they left town to avoid paying taxes
Now your kids are stuck with a debt that is completely untenable

Where i see your flag my stomach churns in disgust
where i see us troops i see war ho’s, hired guns, serial killers and the destroyers of Christianity
where i see your schools i see intricately designed dumbing downed indoctrination centers brainwashing the next crop of cannon fodder
where i see the replacement by repetition dissent obedience critical thinking by cognitive dissonance

Deception in the church who wave the gun and the flag as high as anyone
instead of protest to violence and nepotism and hubris
they instead cheerlead the masses so as to not tip the tax -free collection plate
the crime is never as important as the institution or the legends who run the place
just matter if its a government sports program or the church of peter


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